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What's in your makeup?

Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
Healthy Makeup? Tell Me More!
What's in your makeup?
Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.

Detox your look

... and experience a beauty routine for the better!

Meet Anne Burke


I’d like to begin by  telling  you a little bit about my background and how I discovered essential oils.  I  am a mom  of two boys and live in the Northeast NY Metro area–  my  youngest son has special needs. He was my pathway to essential oils discovery. 

Several years ago, I got a very familiar call  from the school nurse's office that he wasn’t feeling well.  While picking  him up from school,  I ran into a friend in the hallway and we began a brief chat and compared stories that our kids hadn’t been their best health wise, actually it had been a tough fall and winter and I was a “frequent flyer “ at our pediatricians office.

As we were commiserating  she asked me if I’d ever used essential oils to help my kids feel better ? I confessed to her , I really wasn’t familiar with oils and actually couldn’t imagine how they would help, I could only think of a spa setting and nice smells… (something that sounded wonderful and dreamed about when I could fit that into our busy family schedule for some "me time "  ) then she  explained to me that essential oils are natural plant substances and can be quite powerful in supporting the body.  

I was curious , so I asked her for more information, I did some research , and found a lot of studies that supported what I was looking for to help him and the rest of my family too (including our pets). 

 I was intrigued with all I discovered.  With an open mind , I started using oils and toxic free products for my family  - mainly for sleep , full body immune support and cleaning. And I noticed big positive changes…since that time I have continued to use essential oils and oil infused natural products  in many areas of my life. Now, in addition to my role as a wife, and mother , I am passionate about sharing the mystery ,experience and joy that authentic essential oils and toxin free living (green and clean ) can bring !   

Our "wow" experience led me to return to my entrepreneurial roots,  so  I became an  independent wellness consultant and distributor of Young Living, a company dedicated to purity and quality for the past 20 years  and  the world’s leader in essential oils and wellness products. I believe fully in helping others learn about the many uses and benefits of essential oils in combination with a healthy lifestyle ....the path to wellness is a process and a journey but a great one , you just have to start ...take one step at a time! The changes can be miraculous! It's up to you! 

OK,   So what are essential oils?  I invite you to check out my site  and the many resources available here for you to learn all about them and other great oil infused products for wellness.

Enjoy your journey !

Be well well.



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