My Story ----Mom , Special Needs Advocate, and Entrepreneur

Watch this short video to get to know me...   My story ...  

Mission - helping kids and families to be their very best through wellness and lifestyle choices one step at a time ...

Have you heard the phrase - ten thousand hours? It takes professionals and those with a specific talent  or interest that long to perfect those skills.   My son, Stephen works really hard at physical and cognitive skills every day ..we celebrate every small step , sometimes they seem invisible, but we know progress occurs every time he "practices " .   We are so grateful for these advancements and good health. 

Simple lifestyle changes , don't have to be this hard, just one easy thing ...pick one thing (chemical free toothpaste, set a fitness goal, drink more water, use chemical free skin care, ditch the fast food or soda, )  , start somewhere and put one foot in front of the other and I think you'll find positive results and ones you'll be proud of and can celebrate!   "Start somewhere" is my mantra, but JUST get started! 

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